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Total Airline Hours: 909
Flights: 390
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Miles Flown: 301,308
Aircraft: 28
Passengers: 767
Routes: 70

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Posted by Alan McGaughey on 08/10/2018

Three historic Albion aircraft were proudly returned to regular service recently in the shape of the following British classics...


G-ALBI  'Albions Rose' ... The flagship of the fleet, none other than the BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde which is currently assigned to supersonic routes from London-Heathrow to New York, Washington DC and Barbados with onward flights available.


G-EMPI  'Empire Rose' ...  Albion's very own Vickers 'Super' VC10. Still sporting her historical paintscheme she joins the recently formed executive fleet.


G-ROSY  'Compass Rose' ... Our British Aircraft Corporation 1-11 500 'Super One Eleven' fitted with hush kits also joins the executive fleet in her historical livery.



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QCC236Alan McGaugheyEDHLEGNTB757-20001.27-236 ft/m Accepted
QCC180Alan McGaugheyEDDHEGCNA320-20001.26-205 ft/m Accepted
QCC56Andrew FrostLFPGEGPHB737-80001.42-753 ft/m Accepted
QCC55Andrew FrostEGPHLFPGB737-80001.39-162 ft/m Accepted
QCC179Alan McGaugheyEGCNEDDHA320-20001.20-209 ft/m Accepted
QCC235Alan McGaugheyEGNTEDHLB757-20001.53-279 ft/m Accepted
QCC199Andrew FrostEGCCCYYCB747-40008.19-715 ft/m Accepted
QAA1067Alan McGaugheyEGPDEGQAJS410000.45-218 ft/m Accepted
QAA1017Alan McGaugheyEGQAEGPDJS410000.47-231 ft/m Accepted
QCC84Alan McGaugheyEHRDEGBBB737-80001.16-239 ft/m Accepted

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Andrew has chosen flight QCC378 departing from EGKK arriving at EETN,and will be flying a B737-800 (G-B738)

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QAA901 Alan McGaughey has filed a PIREP from EDHL to EGNT View Flight Report

QAA901 Alan McGaughey has filed a PIREP from EDDH to EGCN View Flight Report

QAA902 Andrew Frost has filed a PIREP from LFPG to EGPH View Flight Report

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